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How hard is your website working for you?

Check out our services below and see exactly what your business needs. You can choose between web solutions with fixed prices or hourly rate type of services. All of our designs are built and coded on the WordPress platform. The reliability, scalability, and ease of use that you can count on from WordPress.

Selling your products and services online has never been easier; grow your sales and revenue using WooCommerce.

All our designs are responsive and will adapt to any mobile viewing device.

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Full Service Price List:

Netbee offers you the best customer experience in getting your website crafted, designed, coded, and online. All of our designs are custom made and built on the WordPress platform.

Service Time Frame Price Order
Website migration to new server 24 Hours $49.99 USD Order Today
Remove viruses/malware from server 48 Hours $94.99 USD Order Today
Wordpress software installation 24 Hours $4.99 USD Order Today
Installation of a Wordpress theme 24 Hours $49.99 USD Order Today
Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your site 24 Hours $4.99 USD Order Today
Install & configure Wordpress security plugin 24 Hours $49.99 USD Order Today
Web design services per/hr $30.00 USD Order Today
Web Development Services per/hr $49.99 USD Order Today
Wordpress theme customization per/hr $44.99 USD Order Today
WooCommerce install & configuration per/hr $44.99 USD Order Today

WordPress services list

If your business requires ingenious WordPress themes and high quality website management services that will pay off in the short, but also long run, then call for our help. Here is the complete list of services we can offer you:

WordPress installation and management;

WordPress theme installation and customization

Plugin installation and plugin and theme match-up

Site indexation and robots.txt file installation

SEO ranking improvement with help of sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.configuration;

Spam protection and comment spam security enhancement

Graphics and business logo installation

WordPress coaching in all aspects, including content publishing and administration

Personalized web-based applications

Personalized WordPress plugin creation

Other blogging system migration

Domain and server migration

Template creation and implementation

WordPress upgrade administration

Search engine optimization initiation

WordPress Security Audits

Technical support

WordPress personalized theme development

Netbee Hosting Services List
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