It could not have been a better time to take the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting scene to the next level and leading web hosting provider Netbee Hosting just made it happen. Adding a new and significantly improved VPS Hosting product line with Solid State Drives (SSDs), will allow users to experience website performance like never before seen as being possible at such unbeatable prices. Performance is not the only thing Netbee had in mind when making a major change to its lineup of already renowned products and services, but stability and reliability was also a huge incentive by adding SSDs. Now, users will no longer have to worry about the lack of speed or even loss of data with the integration of SSDs into Netbee’s experience. Surprisingly, Netbee has made sure to keep its customer base free from added stress by keeping all three tiers of Netbee Hosting’s legacy VPS services away from any additional costs for the SSDs. Bee1000, Bee2000 and Bee3000 will all now be upgraded across the board with a free inclusion of SSDs, along with having a major boost in RAM, storage and bandwidth. This step will replace all current spin drives that Netbee was using. “Our primary goal at Netbee Hosting is to give our customers the best possible product without compromising on our commitment to service. The new VPS hosting packages reflect that commitment and offer a number of enhancements to power and performance, including state of the art solid-state drives and significantly enhanced resources,” said Victor Alex, CEO of Netbee Hosting, while adding that, “Our new server specs match up against any competitor on the market and our implementation team can get all types of customers up and running immediately, addressing any questions customers might have upon purchase. Simply put, I am confident we are offering top-of-the line Virtual Private Server Hosting to fit the web needs of just about any buyer on the market at an affordable price.” Now, instead of the regular, customers will be getting 4 GB RAM, 60 GB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth on the Bee1000 plan. That is four times what users were getting previously and best of all, it applies to all packages. For example, the Bee2000 package will give users 6 GB of RAM, 130 GB storage and 3 TB of bandwidth while the top tier Bee3000 will be upgraded to 6 GB RAM, 2000 GB storage and 4 TB bandwidth. Performance and safety of data will be ensured by Netbee through the use of RAID-6 SSDs, which is rarely seen in today’s hosting scene.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

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